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Yes, these are the people who brought you, among other things, Elf Bowling, possibly the most widely-mailed program of the holiday season.  If you didn't get at least five copies of it in your mailbox last year, consider yourself lucky!  It's a great game, but really, how many copies does one person need?!?!?

Anyways, below are some of our favorites from the NStorm archives.  Try these out, then check out their own site for more wacky stuff.  Best of all, you can even mail them to all your friends after you've found the best.  Enjoy!

Elf Bowling 3
(launched December 2002)

Everyone's favorite mischievious buddies are back again with the latest installment of the famed Elf Bowling series and life up at the North Pole has never been more questionable! The Christmas spirit soars as Santa enjoys some quality time off at his workers' expense...

Ultima Online -
      Axe Marks the Spot
(launched September 2002)

Nothing helps to soothe stresses from the workplace quite like throwing axes at monsters, heroes, and the rest of the cast of Ultima Online!  Practice alone and then take your skills online to become the Grand Master of, uh, throwing axes at things...

Revote 2000 - Re-Decision 2000
(release date unknown)

All US citizens have been requested to pass this REVOTE file to their friends, family and neighbors, to "get the word out."  So do your part, be an American and Rock The Revote!  Download your REVOTE card to really make a difference.  Again.

Punch Clock Panic
(launched December 2000)

Help Ned avoid being late for his first day of work at the Happy Blast Co.  Avoid the blast zones and the horrific rabid gopher and Ned will be well on his way to upper management! 

Elf Bowling 2: Elves in Paradise
(launched November 2000)

Hold on to your stockings - those bawdy, naughty elves are back in town!  "EB2: Elves in Paradise" hit cyberspace, November 15, 2000.  Last year's visit with the Elves was the feel-good, email-this-to-your-friends hit of the holiday season.

(launched October 2000)

You've heard the term, "The media has created a monster..."  Well, in honor of Halloween and the scary prospect of having "the lesser of two evils" as our next President, we thought we would let you get a "head" start on the proceedings.  Feel free to mix or match pie holes and eye sockets on your way to creating your own personal presidential monster.

Count Bushula
(launched October 2000)

The counter-part to the freakish mix and match show above, this one let's you mess around with good, 'ole Dubyah's wardrobe!  Just remember, no matter how badly you do, it really couldn't be any worse than if he were allowed to dress himself...

Full Refund
(release date unknown)

Itís tax time and the tax guy isnít making you happy.  Take your frustrations out on NStormís latest stress release game.  The more you punch, the bigger tax refund you will get. Letís get it on! 

Chicken Archery
(launched March 2000)

Help Farmer Todd and his quiver of fearless fowl rid the farm of the infamous "Boggy Creek Outhouse Ogre."  Only quick reflexes and im-"peck"-able timing will banish this foul stench from the countryside once and for all. 

Elf Bowling
(launched November 1999)

Strap on your best pair of bowling skates and polish up your shiny Christmas ball, it's time to save Christmas from those greedy little union elves.  Help Santa show those elves what the true meaning of "strike" is!  Special guest appearance by Kalvin Kroaker! 

(launched October 1999)

Watch out for the piranhas, gators, spikes and birds as you catapult Kalvin Kroaker through the dangers of the swamp so he can pursue a life of worldly adventure. 

Attack of the Nanny
(launched July 1998)

The nanny takes on an unholy herd of coffee drinkers, smokers, and, dare I say, meat eaters.

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