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ZapSpot Games

The games listed below are brought to you by ZapSpot, a revolutionary new company dedicated to creating fun and easy to use computer games. Every game features many cool options, including the ability to instantly e-mail your favorite games to your friends! Just be careful, some of these tend to be a tad bit addictive...

Galactic Menace
(launched May 2001)

You are Vicky Rockit, an elite agent sent on a mission of global priority: protect the planet Earth from evil-doers!  Space Invaders with a femine twist, yet always a blast...

High Seas Solitaire
(launched January 2001)

Arrgh, mates!  Conquer new lands as you watch the work day fly by with this pyramid-style card game.  Play your cards right and you just might find the treasure...

X-Mas: Santa's Rein
(launched December 2000)

Welcome to the world's first shooting game in which "Freeze" is not an order - it's a weapon!

Run Turkey Run
(launched November 2000)

Aaahhh, the peace and calm of the holiday season....Hot chocolate...autumn leaves...And hysterical turkeys running like mad?!

Mud Slinger
(launched October 2000)

If you thought political campaigns are all about dirt and filth...you were right!

Sort Sport
(launched September 2000)

A game with balls, falls, and a truck that's really tall.  Prepare your fingers for a thrilling challenge that will make you sweat more than any field sport.

Peh Pai
(launched September 2000)

A relaxing pastime that will keep you challenged for hours.  Card games have never been so exciting!

Hotdog Vendor
(launched September 2000)

Silence in the baseball stadium...Thousands of eyes are focused on your pitch...and out of your hand comes flying - a hotdog?!

Gold Diver
(launched September 2000)

Are you up for some underwater action? Then lower your periscope and load your torpedoes, because Gold Diver™ is a gold mine of excitement!

Fence Out
(launched September 2000)

How many farmers does it take to control 30 wild animals?  Check out FenceOut, and with no doubt you'll find out!

Color Break 2
(launched September 2000)

Looking for a good game of skill and strategy?  Then take a break with ColorBreak 2™ - and get ready for a mind-breaking challenge....

Bubble Bound
(launched September 2000)

More refreshing than bubble baths, more fun than bubble gum.  This is one game you're bound to love!

Caveman Cards
(launched August 2000)

Did you ever wonder what cave dwellers did when they weren't hunting and gathering?  Check out this "boulder" type of card game, and you'll find out!

Color Break
(launched April 2000)

Put on your thinking cap and get your brain to work, because popping these bubbles can be a very colorful experience...

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