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NASA’s Journey to Mars – Looking to the Future…

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Today NASA launches its first unmanned test flight of the Orion spacecraft, which is said will pave the way for mankind to travel into deep space, including sending the first humans to our neighboring planet of Mars as early as the 2030s.

Inspired by the incredible technological advancements shown by NASA scientists today, we here at Just Laugh would like to look even further into the future to take a glimpse at what life on the red planet might hold in store for the next generation of astronauts in our not so distant future…

2035 – First astronauts set foot on Mars

2040 – First human settlement colonizes on Mars

2040 – Mankind begins irreversibly destroying the delicate, Martian ecosystem

2043 – Real Housewives of Tharsis Bulge debuts on Bravo

2045 – Martian natives reveal themselves to humans after a decade of hiding

2046 – Martian natives forcefully relocated to corner of planet roughly the size of Arizona

2050 – Human-Martian marriage deemed unnatural by Space Tea Party

2065 – World War 3 commences back on Earth over 50th anniversary of still not having hoverboards as depicted in Back to the Future 2

2095 – Mass migrations from Earth of remaining human population, most surprised that we were able to stretch our resources out as long as we did

2105 – Human-Martian marriage deemed mandatory by our new Martian overlords

2117 – Mankind as we know it a shell of its former self, reflects on errs that caused civilization to crumble under the guise of boldly going where nobody wanted us to go

2125 – Mars NASA announces test flights into deep deep space, discretely while Martian slave drivers are on coffee break

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