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Stock Photos of Animals Wearing Santa Hats

20141224_santa-dog_60094783© tanjichica / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-cat_59262874© irantzuarb / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-horse_46883790© chelle129 / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-elephant_71012217© Kletr / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-goldfish_27386511© Jag_cz / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-chameleon_27170892© Cathy Keifer / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-hedgehog_70418262© pandpstock001 / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-ape_73674122© Kletr / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-giraffe_28075197© fotofuerst / Dollar Photo Club
20141224_santa-shark_17513280© Jeffrey Collingwood / Dollar Photo Club
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