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Just Laugh’s Guide to Celebrating Siblings Day

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We didn’t know it was a thing until we checked Facebook this morning, either, so instead of running what was probably the most hilarious piece about space chickens we’ve written this year, here’s an adequate list of ways to celebrate this fictional holiday with your non-fictional familial kinfolk…

  • Revive all of those great nicknames you used to call each other growing up, like Dork and Boogerhead and Monkeyfart – classic!
  • Take this opportunity to share the most embarrassing photos you have of them, like that one you took of them on the toilet … that you can’t really explain why you were there to take in the first place.
  • Has it been a long time since you’ve seen one of your siblings in person? Show up at their doorstep and demand that they drop everything they were planning on doing to play with you today instead … just like when you were kids!
  • Break out the Barbies and play with them like you were nine years-old again. And just think, 20 years later your brother probably knows a little more about women so seeing them all naked won’t be nearly as entertaining this time around! Maybe?
  • Fighting is one of the cornerstones of growing up with brothers and sisters. Punch one of them in the face today to show them how much you really care!
  • If you happened to hide one of your brother’s favorite Nintendo games back in 1992 that he absolutely loved more than life itself, now would be a great time to mend broken fences and finally give it back. Goddamnit, I was almost through that level with the mutant frogs – come on!!!
  • Go out for a nice dinner together to sit and reminisce about the good old days. Laugh. Cry. Then have a long-range mashed potato fight until the manager asks you never to come back to Applebee’s again – it’s a win-win!
  • Remember that through the good and the bad, one thing that you’ll always share is the DNA of both of your parents. Unless one of you is adopted – in which case, meh…
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