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Collector Towels Mistaken for Museum Display

CHICAGO (Just Laugh) – Jose Kimbel, a well-known kleptomaniac from Long Grove, had enough when yet another houseguest complimented him on his rare set of hotel towels.

“I have 140 towels from the Hyatt, Holiday Inn, and the Hilton hotel chains. I never thought I had a problem until guests praised the set,” said a disgusted Kimbel, now in group therapy.

The stealing started four years ago when Kimbel and his wife, Elena, were overcharged for a one-night stay in downtown Chicago. Soon after, the Kimbels had accumulated a number of cloths ranging from face towels to bath towels.

Elena thought it would be neat to display them throughout their home, but guests began admiring the collection, as if it was a museum. “The set is incredible. There are so many of them, I had to get photographs taken. Now I have a picture above my fireplace,” commented Hunter Williams, a longtime friend who now realizes his pants are missing.

Kimbel meets for therapy every Thursday and has apologized to Williams for stealing his pants. As for the towel set, they’re still on display in the Kimbel’s house, which can be seen Monday through Friday from 9-5, for only $3.00.

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