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WWE Challenges US Government to a Cage Match

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Just Laugh) – With a war on Iraq waiting around the corner, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), formerly the WWF, has challenged members of the White House to a cage match due to what a White House spokesperson claims as a typographical error.

Apparently, in a televised press conference, President Bush noted that the United States of America was set to “invade and bomb The Rock,” instead of Iraq.

“This was just a spelling error. Whomever’s job it was to load the teleprompter should have used the spell check feature,” said Gail Belle, spokesperson for the White House.

The WWE, however, doesn’t believe the White House at all.

“This is just a way the President is trying to increase his popularity with younger voters,” commented Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE. “But I’ll make my message loud and clear, if the White House wants to bomb The Rock, they’re going to have to do it live on pay-per-view,” continued McMahon.

President Bush insists the United States do not want to invade and bomb The Rock. “I like The Rock, especially in that movie the Scorpion King. He doesn’t have the oil we (Republicans) want to make us even more wealthy,” said the President.

A written letter to the WWE reiterates its intentions to go to war with Iraq, and not The Rock. “There is no benefit in bombing The Rock. Our interest is with Saddam Hussein, the man George Bush Sr. did not take out when he was in office due to the huge stake the Bush’s have in the oil industry. If we have caused any tension between the WWE and the White House, we are sorry.”

Fans of the WWE support the wrestling organization by setting up a website opposing the war on Iraq, The Rock, or anyone else that goes away from World peace.

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