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God Surprised to Learn That He Has a Flag

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HEAVEN (Just Laugh) – In response to news of a church in Shelby, North Carolina drawing controversy for flying the Christian flag above the American flag in contrary to the U.S. Flag Code which states that no other flag should be flown higher than the flag of the United States, God was quoted as saying, “Huh – I have a flag???”

After reminding reporters that he literally created the Earth and the Heavens, and pretty much everything around them, he further mused, “It just seems kind of weird that someone of my stature would have a flag, doesn’t it? Does Chuck Norris have a flag?! No, Chuck Norris doesn’t need a flag for the world to know he’s a badass.”

Chuckling to himself as he rolled his eyes before returning to his newspaper, the Almighty laughed off the incident by saying, “Sometimes my followers do some pretty weird stuff – I’ve learned to just sort of roll with it…”

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