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Owl Distraught That It Will Never See Leaves Change Color

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NORTHERN MICHIGAN (Just Laugh) – As thousands flock north from the big city, anxious to catch a rare glimpse of nature’s beauty as the canopy of leaves across the state begins to transform from its summer coat into a dazzling array of fall colors before tumbling from their branches to make way for winter, it’s no secret among the other residents of Michigan’s tense forests that one of their own is a bit more somber than most this time of the year…

“Oh yeah … Gary?” replied a neighboring otter. “Man, I feel for the guy – to live out here surrounded by all of this natural beauty only to be colorblind … that’s smarts, for sure.”

“It’s like I told him, though,” countered a passing raccoon, “we’re nocturnal animals anyways. When we’re out and about, hunting field mice and tipping over garbage cans – as you do, it’s dark outside!!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure the changing leaves are swell and all, but dark is dark as far as us night owls are concerned, ya know what I’m sayin’?!”

When sought for comment, the barred owl himself wasn’t feeling up to speaking with us, citing that he was probably just coming down with the flu or something, despite the distinct sadness detected in his voice. Even noted only momentarily by the piles of empty pizza boxes and diet soda cans that littered the bird’s apartment, it’s clear that Gary is one of thousands of night owls throughout Northern Michigan suffering from seasonal affective disorder, which can be particularly challenging entering into a tourist season normally filled with excitement and happiness.

If you know an owl or other woodland creature with the inability to distinguish the vibrant colors iconic to the coming of fall, please remind them that at best this great beauty will only haunt the daytime hours for 3 – 4 weeks tops before all of those brilliant colors plummet to the ground to be buried by the soothing neutral shades of winter where their comfort level is known to be found.

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