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Santa Dreading Holiday Travel Again This Year

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NORTH POLE (Just Laugh) – As the peak of the holiday season rapidly approaches with travelers scrambling to make plans to visit friends and family, airports around the world are becoming a nightmare for those who take to the skies to transport them to their destinations and yet still there’s one man who feels the burn even more than most passengers as he prepares for his own journey that will log him more miles in the sky in one night than many pilots see all year long!

“I mean, I can’t really complain because the benefits of this gig are pretty sweet,” Santa cited while his eyes widened at the ever-increasing load accumulating in the back of his sleigh, “but if you think that flying commercial is bad, just try flying your own sleigh for one night and I’ll tell you those peanuts suddenly don’t look too bad!”

“Sure, it’s only one day of work, but it’s a long day and there’s just no time for bathroom breaks in that schedule.”

“Maybe I don’t have to deal with the TSA, but I’m still not allowed to bring my own water with me anyways! Granted, that’s because it keeps freezing…”

“And don’t even get me started on baggage fees,” Kris Kringle continued. “Do you have any idea how much those reindeer have to eat to fly around the world for 24 hours straight?!”

“Oh my god, and the farting – it just never stops…”

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