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2002 Winners
Official Ballot
Voting runs
Sept. 23 - Oct. 6
Best Comedian of 2002
Editors' Choice
Sexiest Computer Geek
Coolest Cereal-Box Character
Best Just Laugh Columnist
Best Independent Columnist
Best Just Laugh Comic
Best Independent Comic
Best Flash Animation
Best Flash Game
Funniest Bizarre Website
Funniest Movie
Funniest TV Personality
Best Reality TV Show
Bitchin'-est Car
2nd Annual Just Laugh
Weenie Awards

Best Flash Animation

Quite possibly the most entertaining advance that the Internet has taken in the last several years, the introduction of Macromedia's Flash multimedia interface has paved the way for an entire new line of games, interactive websites and of course, animation. Making long downloads and grainy image quality a thing of the past, Flash allows TV-quality animated graphics to be broadcast in real-time to a waiting audience of millions. Stepping up to the plate to fill this new genre are some of the best minds in the industry, and we think they just might be onto something here...

And the winner is...

Angry Naked Pat,
by Camp Chaos


Oct. 16, 2002 - "This is truly a great honor and I'd like to thank each and every one of my loyal fans who've made it possible," Pat himself spoke after hearing of the news, "...so bear with me here - thank-you Aaron, and Adam, and Amanda, and Juan, and..."

...several hours later...

"...and Yvonne, and Zach - none of this could've ever been possible without you guys - thank you! Come to think of it, isn't it just a little ironic? You know, me - Angry Naked Pat...winning a Weenie Award?! Hehehe...oh well, maybe it's just me..."

The rest of the nominees...

College University
Deep Fried, Live!,
by 8 Legged Entertainment

Hard-Drinkin' Lincoln,
by IceBox

Marcus Peblo,
by Eric Black

Regurge Music Videos,
by eStudio

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