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2002 Winners
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Sept. 23 - Oct. 6
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Funniest Bizarre Website

We've all come across them from time to time, whether it be via a link sent through e-mail, surfing around at work when we should've been doing actual work, or maybe just by accident on a random evening - you just haven't experienced the Internet until you've seen cows playing roulette or the infamous Exploding Whale project. We've yet to figure out which is worse - that somebody actually put their time and energy into these sites (a lot of time!) or that we keep on coming back to them! Well, rumor has it that we're still forwarding them to all of our friends because they're hilarious, thus granting them a category of their own in this year's awards...

And the winner is...


Oct. 16, 2002 - "I said leave me alone - what the hell is wrong...oh, it's just you guys..." spoke The Guy when we were finally able to catch up with him to report his success in this year's awards. "Well, I guess the site happened to be very popular because so many people can relate to my situation...either that, or they just enjoy saying, 'Man, I'm glad that ain't me!' while listening to all of the shit I went through!"

"I'd like to give a special thanks to everyone who took the time to visit my site, vote in the awards, and basically take great joy out of my undying misery - thank you and goodnight!"

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