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2002 Winners
Official Ballot
Voting runs
Sept. 23 - Oct. 6
Best Comedian of 2002
Editors' Choice
Sexiest Computer Geek
Coolest Cereal-Box Character
Best Just Laugh Columnist
Best Independent Columnist
Best Just Laugh Comic
Best Independent Comic
Best Flash Animation
Best Flash Game
Funniest Bizarre Website
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Best Reality TV Show
Bitchin'-est Car
2nd Annual Just Laugh
Weenie Awards

Best Comedian of 2002

Giving us all one last excuse to leave the house on a Friday night, these warriors of the road endure smoke-filled lounges, drunken, half-witted audiences and $42 hotel mini-bar peanuts and liquor to keep us all on the edge of our seats with laughter for a mere 45 minutes. They've dedicated their every waking moment to perfecting funny nuances in their everyday lives into gut-busting acts that we'll be repeating around the water-cooler for weeks and somehow even manage to make the most mundane of fall television awards shows entertaining, so hopefully this Weenie will show our appreciation for their undying efforts...

And the winners are...

The Sklar Brothers

Oct. 16, 2002 - "First of all, we want to say how honored we were even to be nominated for the Weenie. Every other comedian in this category is a friend of ours or someone that we've worked with at one time or another and we respect and admire them all. We can only describe the feeling after we found out that we won, (on CNN), as that of a feeling of emmense burning and then relief, like when you cure prickly heat. We can't wait to show our parents our Weenies, without their support, our weenies would simply not be possible."

"Also, we'd be remiss if we did not mention the many thanks and praises we bestow upon the big guy up in the sky looking down on us and shining his countenance upon us on a daily basis...we of course are referring to Herve Villachez. Thanks to all who voted and to Just Laugh magazine - now we can show this to our Aunt Rita and get her off of our backs to become entertainment lawyers."

The rest of the nominees...

Maria Bamford
Zach Galifianakas
Ralph Harris
Mitch Hedberg
Louis Ramey
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