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2002 Winners
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Weenie Awards

Editors' Choice

You know, usually there's a method to our madness, but this time we wanted to do things a little different! The Editors' Choice Weenie Award is given to one individual, group, entity or etc..., based on any qualifications that we want...we're not really even sure how we can get away with this kind of stuff, but we can! There are no nominations for the category nor are any votes cast - this one's simply a personal choice that we'd like to share with the rest of the world for having the most influence on us during that split second when we came up with the whole idea. Don't worry - rumor has it that we've got pretty good taste...

And the winner is...

One Nation, Extra Cheese: Your Guide to the Bestest Country Ever

Oct. 16, 2002 - With all that's happened in this great land over the last year, it seemed only appropriate that we find a way to express our own patriotism and what better way than to recognize one of the most hilarious books of its time with a Weenie to call its very own? Enforcing stereotypes and explaining the mysteries which have before left visitors bewildered and aching to return home as soon as possible, the latest best-seller from our friends over at Modern Humorist covers every aspect of our diverse culture from television and other forms of entertainment to current clothing trends and business ethics to even Minnesota...yes, that's right - Minnesota... Whether you're a foreigner who's tired of being confused every time the news comes on or a resident who just needs a few dozen questions answered about your own society, every living being on the planet should have a copy of this book in their possession, if not two!

If you don't own this book, you're letting the terrorists win...

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