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2002 Winners
Official Ballot
Voting runs
Sept. 23 - Oct. 6
Best Comedian of 2002
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Sexiest Computer Geek
Coolest Cereal-Box Character
Best Just Laugh Columnist
Best Independent Columnist
Best Just Laugh Comic
Best Independent Comic
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Best Flash Game
Funniest Bizarre Website
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Best Reality TV Show
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Best Just Laugh Columnist

Without the regular material provided by the columnists who make up our contributing staff, Just Laugh magazine would be nothing more than a website with a cute monkey logo and three bad jokes! Our columnists truly are the heart and soul of this publication, bringing readers back week after week with a unique style of witty banter and finesse that would make any writer green with envy. If for absolutely nothing else, this time of year is truly special to everyone at Just Laugh because it's a chance for each of our writers to know just how much they're appreciated...

And the winner is...
Elizabeth Hanes

Oct. 16, 2002 - "My nomination came out of the blue, and I'd like to find out who's responsible for it because I think I owe them some money. Upon hearing I'd won, I gave a hearty guffaw, which turned into a chuckle and, later, a maniacal cackle. Obviously, the implications are profound. Already, I've taken a vow of poverty. Which probably doesn't mean as much when you're already poor. It's sort of like an ostrich taking a vow of flightlessness, but still..."

"My list of acknowledgements goes on and on. I'll try to keep it brief. Ahem. I'd like to thank my 9 original fans, who made up the core voting group. (Your Blockbuster gift certificates are in the mail. ~wink~) Also, I'd like to thank my friends at the Liquor Locker and, by extension, Captain Morgan, Jose Cuervo, Mr. Seagram and the entire Seagram family, Mr. Michelob, the Canada Dry company, and of course my attorney, Bobo "Orange Sunshine" Diesel, without whom everything is possible. I'd also like to thank everyone who voted not FOR me but AGAINST all of my competitors. Thank you."

The rest of the nominees...

Kim Burke
Erik Deckers
Gene Doucette
Melvin Durai
Greg Gagliardi
Don Laursen
Jason Tanamor
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