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2002 Winners
Official Ballot
Voting runs
Sept. 23 - Oct. 6
Best Comedian of 2002
Editors' Choice
Sexiest Computer Geek
Coolest Cereal-Box Character
Best Just Laugh Columnist
Best Independent Columnist
Best Just Laugh Comic
Best Independent Comic
Best Flash Animation
Best Flash Game
Funniest Bizarre Website
Funniest Movie
Funniest TV Personality
Best Reality TV Show
Bitchin'-est Car
2nd Annual Just Laugh
Weenie Awards

Funniest Movie

Aside from the $8 per ticket, $14 per tub of popcorn scandal, the movie industry has still somehow managed to remain among our favorite sources for funny content from famous people. Even though far too many of their products leave us thinking, "Hey, I could've done better than that..." we all know that deep down inside, "No, we couldn't." The stresses involved with constant attention, little-to-no sleep and having scads of money are just too much for any normal person to handle, so for now, maybe we should just sit back and enjoy all of their fine work. Action!

And the winner is...
Austin Powers in Goldmember
starring Mike Meyers, Beyonce Knowles, Verne Troyer, etc...

Oct. 16, 2002 - "Yeah, baby! That's what I'm talkin' about..." exclaimed the randy secret agent as the news came soaring in. Although Austin vaguely had any idea what our coveted Weenie Awards even were, you can bet your britches that he was more than a little excited to learn that he had attained what many believe to be the pinnacle of greatness in the comedic world...so excited that he started dancing...a lot...and we had to break things short because we couldn't get him to stop...sorry about that!

(Note: after taking into consideration the possibility of the younger members of the audience viewing Mr. Powers' reactions, we felt the need to substitute the word dancing for his actual response, shagging - we apologize for any confusion...)

The rest of the nominees...

8 Legged Freaks
starring David Arquette
Hey Arnold! The Movie
starring Spencer Klein, Francesca Smith, Jamil Walker Smith, etc...
Men in Black II
starring Will Smith & Tommy Lee Jones
Mr. Deeds
starring Adam Sandler
Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
starring Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Alexa Vega & Daryl Sabara
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