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2002 Winners
Official Ballot
Voting runs
Sept. 23 - Oct. 6
Best Comedian of 2002
Editors' Choice
Sexiest Computer Geek
Coolest Cereal-Box Character
Best Just Laugh Columnist
Best Independent Columnist
Best Just Laugh Comic
Best Independent Comic
Best Flash Animation
Best Flash Game
Funniest Bizarre Website
Funniest Movie
Funniest TV Personality
Best Reality TV Show
Bitchin'-est Car
2nd Annual Just Laugh
Weenie Awards

Sexiest Computer Geek

Having created some of our favorite websites, entertained us on TV at 1:30 in the morning, and basically shared the same genuine love for technology that we have ourselves, each of us have our own choice computer geek which we hold close to our heart, and sometimes it doesn't stop there! One may argue that no one who's only exposure to light is provided by a flat screen could possibly be considered attractive, yet alone SEXY, but we beg to differ...partially because we too spend far too much time baking under flourescent lighting and radiant glow of our own monitors, but mostly because we love them - just for the record, not in a sick, sadistic, stalker kind of way (that lawsuit will NEVER stand on its own in a courtroom...), but more as a mentor...a pasty-faced, unix-based, SEXY mentor!

And the winner is...

Martin Sargent

Oct. 16, 2002 - "You do love me!!!" exclaimed The Twisted Lister upon receiving the news that he is, in fact, the Sexiest Computer Geek. "I dreamed that this day would finally come...that the world would finally understand and my legions of fans would hoist me up on their shoulders as the Supreme Lord of All That is Sexy..."

"...or something like that. Thanks to everyone who voted, and don't forget to keep watching me on The Screen Savers. TechTV - week nights at 7:00 Eastern, 4:00 Pacific Standard Time - I'll be the sexy one..."

The rest of the nominees...

Chris DiBona
Kevin Mitnick
Brad Templeton
Linus Torvalds
Steve Wozniak
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