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Terrible Alternatives to Daylight Saving Time…

Except for maybe one lone farmer in Oklahoma, nobody likes Daylight Saving Time. It made you late for work today, or early – we can never remember which – and it’s just a general pain in the ass to figure out which clocks changed [...]

From the Archives…

  • It’s almost that time again! Time to drop gigantic, geodesic spheres covered in crystals from the heavens to usher in another year of humanity on this earth as we know it … so are you ready to party like it’s 1999 + 15 = 2014?! Seriously, how has nobody made a newer crappy new years song since that abomination by Prince back at the turn of the century??? Until that day comes, here are some tips to help your celebration be as apocalyptically boogielicious as it can be… [...]

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