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Terrible Alternatives to Daylight Saving Time…

Except for maybe one lone farmer in Oklahoma, nobody likes Daylight Saving Time. It made you late for work today, or early – we can never remember which – and it’s just a general pain in the ass to figure out which clocks changed [...]

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  • Just Laugh’s Guide to Haunted Houses

    Features - October 23, 2015

    The time-honored tradition of scaring the holy hell out of ourselves goes all the way back to the very first chainsaw-wielding maniacs who greeted the pilgrims when they landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620, half of whom were thrilled just to see dry land regardless of said chainsaws and the rest who were already dead, but probably served as pretty convincing ghosts or something… Nearly 400 years later, today some people now go so far as to craft entire houses comprised primarily of fear and [...]

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