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Seniors Classification Stressed After Ongoing Incident

MADISON, Wi. (Just Laugh) – Francine’s Diner, an establishment that has served the residents of Madison for more than 25 years, has firmly put its foot down to an ongoing problem.

“We’ve always catered to our seniors, granting them a 20% discount for dining with us,” said Francine, owner and founder.

Unfortunately, a small percentage of kids have been taking advantage of this discount. “Hey, I’m a senior in high school, so shouldn’t I get a 20% discount until I graduate?” questioned Ann Geneva, who thought about failing her senior year on purpose to continue receiving the discount, but has opted to hold off on her decision to see what Francine will do.

Although the sign reads senior discount, it should be obvious to the community that it refers to senior citizens, according to a spokesperson for Francine, who was busy writing in citizen behind the word senior.

“This is really just a ploy to get good food at a cheap price,” said Jose Maria Louis Rivera Williams, the head chef.

So far, the signs have been working. Geneva, however, has schemed up a new way to be discounted, in the form of a fake ID stating she is 57 years old.

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