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Woman Disappointed with Being Dumped

DES MOINES, Ia. (Just Laugh) – Relationships end all the time. They can be devastating to some, but for Joely Mero, an unstable 19-year-old, her last broken relationship is the final draw.

“I’ve been dumped many times before. It hurts, but this last time takes the cake,” said Mero, thinking about converting to lesbianism, but probably won’t because she doesn’t like the word lesbian.

Mero dated Jay Evans, a 23-year-old construction worker, for seven months. Prior to the affair, Evans had been single for three years.

“She (Joely) was terrific. She was great in bed, but I was single for a long time. I kind of grew accustomed to masturbating. When I started dating Joely, I missed the feel of my hand,” commented Evans, now happy with his choice.

Evans’ decision is really a no brainer, according to Dr. Mia Ponini, director at the Institute of Lost Loves. “If you think about it, Evans doesn’t have to marry his hand, doesn’t have to buy it things, and more importantly, doesn’t have to call it in the morning,” said Dr. Ponini, who recently dumped her boyfriend for her finger.

Mero is now dating a vibrator. They live in separate homes.

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