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Woman Goes “Back,” Only Shortly After Going “Black”

DETROIT (Just Laugh) – Some say that size isn’t everything and although most men will instantly come back, stating that it’s just an excuse for guys with less-than-gargantuan genitalia, Rebecca will vouch that in fact, size isn’t everything…

Young Rebecca had been living it up at a local bar within walking distance of her college dormitory last Friday night and after having been bought many an alcoholic beverage, her friends reported that she was acting quite a bit more friendly than normal. It was at approximately 12:38 AM that an African-American gentleman from the Alpha Sigma Sigma fraternity intervened and asked Rebecca to dance, and the night just went downhill from there.

As the story typically goes, the dancing led to more drinks, which then in turn led to even more dancing, becoming all-the-more provokative as the night progressed. Eventually Jacob, the gentleman in this tale, suggested that they proceed to a more intimate setting and Rebecca, being quite liquored up by then, thought it was a terrific idea! Of course, one thing quickly led to another and Rebecca soon found herself enjoying a nice ride on the “bone rollercoaster,” if you know what we mean…

Unfortunately for Jacob, however, this turned out to be a one-ride-only night, which he wasn’t exactly used to…or was he? It came as no surprise to the young man’s frat buddies that Rebecca left the house unsatisfied that evening, yet oddly enough she didn’t take up a single one of their offers to allieviate the situation. Rebecca proceeded downtown to one of her favorite nightclubs, The Eager Beaver, where the dish was soon served about her “experience.”

“I had always heard that black guys were supposed to be, like, huge!” she exclaimed, “…but this guy’s was anything but that…” The young woman continued on into the wee hours of the night, even proclaiming, after three more margaritas that, she’d like to try a “purple guy” next because “maybe they taste like grape or something…”

All this reporter has to say is this – even if they did taste like grape, Rebecca, I’m pretty sure a “purple guy” wouldn’t want anything to do with you. Nothing personal!

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