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Relaxing Garden Tub Used Approx. Zero Times a Year

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Austin, TX (Just Laugh) – Originally cited as one of many highlights that encouraged George and Kim Thomas to purchase their spacious, two-level, four-bedroom home in suburban Texas, some three years after moving in it’s been reported that on average that inviting bathtub gets used about zero times each year.

“That tub would just be perfect for unwinding after a long day!” Thomas had mused longingly as she imagined luxurious bubble baths with a glass of wine in hand and soft music playing in the background, however three years later her desired bathroom retreat finds itself mostly used as an impromptu storage area for wet towels and occasionally as a place for Genie, the family dog, to hide during thunderstorms.

With an invigorating collection of untouched bath salts and loofa sponges arranged neatly in the ornamental basket off to one side, the all but deserted garden tub serves as yet another reminder of the tranquility the couple dreamed of finding when they signed the $275,000 30-year mortgage for the home, only to be left forgotten between trips to soccer practice and repeatedly rescuing their son’s hamster from the drain pipe of the classic, ornamental sink in the kids’ bathroom.

Other areas of the couple’s dream home that remain abandoned include the adorable breakfast nook which has been reduced to a convenient place to dump junk mail and the guest bedroom that is now filled to the brim with storage boxes and other miscellaneous junk that wouldn’t fit into their two-car garage, which has never seen a car parked in it since the home was built.

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