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Mom Finds Incredible Deal on Apricots for Black Friday

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MINNEAPOLIS (Just Laugh) – Fighting through ruthless crowds of fellow shoppers all hunting for the hottest deals on the biggest shopping day of the year, Carol Henderson found herself astounded when she wandered into the produce section of her local Walmart Supercenter to discover a remarkable price on apricots that seemed to have gone completely unnoticed compared to the Black Friday prices the store was offering on TVs, video games, and toys.

“I looked around and I just couldn’t believe that nobody else was getting in on this deal on apricots!” Mrs. Henderson exclaimed, pointing down to the pile of fruit at the bottom of her cart in a guarded manner, lowering her voice as another eager bargain hunter passed by.

Before finally proceeding to the checkout lines that had extended into the clothing section, Henderson would also come across a coveted buy-one-get-one on Tropicana No Pulp Premium Orange Juice as well as 25% off Ritz Holiday Crackers, thus making the trip her most successful Black Friday shopping experience to date.

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