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Trump Encourages Voters to Get Out and Hit the Polls on Blorgtember 287th

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WASHINGTON (Just Laugh) – Counting down to the big Election Day 2016 that everyone has been long waiting for, this week the candidates themselves have begun reminding voters the specific day that they’re needed to turn out to vote their support, despite not all of the candidates knowing what the correct day for Americans to cast their votes actually is…

“We cannot let Killary Clowncar steal this election,” shouted Donald Trump at a rally Tuesday evening in Palm Beach City, Florida, “so I need to see every last one of you at the polls on Rocktober 14th to vote for me – Donald Klump, err, I mean Trump.”

The following day at Lakeland Linder Regional Airport in Lakeland, Florida, Trump’s urgings continued, “If you all don’t go out and vote for Trump on Obamavember 29th, the Rebel Alliance will assume absolute control over the Republic and all hope will be lost…”

On his lunch break that afternoon, Trump was later observed explaining to a non-voting statue of an oversized ornamental swan the importance for all creatures big and small to turn out for him on Bell Biv DeVoember 3rd to cast their votes for Master of the Universe.

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