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Just Laugh’s Guide to Back to the Future Day

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Today’s that day!!!

You know the one – from Back to the Future 2 when Marty jumps ahead in time to, well, now, and enjoys all of our sweet hover boards and self-lacing shoes and the latest in extraordinarily distracting movie advertisements for unnecessary sequels that would totally cause tons of accidents so thank god there aren’t that many cars on the road anyways!

Ok, so admittedly the future hasn’t quite worked out exactly like our circa-1989 prophets would’ve liked to predict, but you’ve got to admit that the entire trilogy was a pretty great anecdote on the notion of traveling through time in a totally bitchin’ car nonetheless. And on that note, should you yourself be confronted by a bewildered Doc Brown sometime today with promises of Pepsi Perfect and ultra-reflective headwear in your own distant future, here are just a few tips about time travel inspired by the likes of Back to the Future that you might want to keep in mind…

  • You really have two options when it comes to time travel – go into the future and be constantly amazed or go into the past and be constantly in fear for your life … tough choice, huh?!
  • Avoid interacting with guys named Biff – this is really just a good rule of thumb to follow all year long, come to think of it.
  • Actually, steer clear of running into your own Mom if you happen to travel into the past, too … ya filthy pervert…
  • It’s never too early to start working on your very own time traveling catchphrase – something that doubles as a PG-rated swear when you meet your first dinosaur will probably come in handy.
  • Don’t forget that the Time Travel Act of 2010 legally obligates you to bump off Hitler if you happen to be in the neighborhood.
  • If you wind up visiting the Wild West, try to be on your best behavior. Those folks love to invoke their little showdowns for just about anything…
  • Try not to fuck up the space-time continuum too bad while you’re out there.
  • And one last thing – whenever you finally do get back from the future, don’t even bother teasing us about when we’re really supposed to get flying cars – that’s just cruel at this point…
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