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Just Laugh’s Guide to Planning the Perfect Super Bowl Party

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Can you feel the excitement in the air?!

I know that I’m not the only one who’s been looking forward to this weekend for months now!!!

If there’s one thing that unites us all here in America, its our shared love of bowls, dishes, and half-spherical storage containers. They’re so versatile – what other kitchenware in your cabinets could hold soup, cereal, ice cream, jelly beans, or perhaps even a delicious bevy of sweet and sour meatballs?!

It only makes sense that we would come together once a year to celebrate our beloved bowls in a most festive fashion, so here are some great tips that our bowl fanatics here at Just Laugh have put together to help ensure that your own party is just as super as it can be!

  • It’s pantry cleaning time! There’s nothing wrong with clearing out some old bowls to make room for the new – just be careful not to toss out what may in a few years come back as a retro classic…
  • Be prepared that you may need to go shopping for a new bowl if you don’t already have a favorite in your pantry. Remember, this isn’t an Adequate Bowl Party, it’s a Super Bowl Party! Strut your creative side and dazzle every bowl lover that you know!
  • Invite your friends to bring over their favorite bowls filled with snacks and goodies – yum yum!!!
  • All bowls are welcome – every shape, size, and color – the more bowls, the merrier!
  • Know that Super Bowl weekend is a very popular time of the year, so plan accordingly and pick up whatever chips and other snacks you want to share in your favorite bowls well in advance.
  • Make your party an event with all sorts of specialty foods and drinks, and even entertainment! Some bowl fans like to gather the whole gang around the TV for a bit of excitement – three cheers for bowls!
  • Don’t feel bad if your favorite bowl isn’t deemed the winner at your party – what’s important is that everyone gets together and has a great time sharing their passion for bowls with the rest of the us.
  • And above all, be sure to just enjoy Super Bowl time for everything that it’s worth – all of the colorful, and the oddly shaped, and especially the bowls filled with ice cream! Savor every last bowl because after this weekend, it’ll be another year before we can all celebrate our bowls together again like this. We could always get together to watch baseball or something to help pass the time, even though baseball is boring as hell compared to these bowls!

Here’s to another year of amazing bowl parties – may your own bowl celebration be extra super!!!

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