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Ten Ways to Put Off Working On Your Taxes Today…

20150310_taxes_71247779© elnariz / Dollar Photo Club

Taxes suck.

I don’t want to do them. Do you want to do them?!

Why bother when you’ve still got more than a month left until the big deadline???

Join me today in doing anything other than working on your taxes!

  • Grasp your head in frustration using only your fingertips.
  • Take a big old bite out of the orange pepper sitting in your fruit bowl. Who put that there?!
  • Redecorate your kitchen to something more modern than, say, the 1950s.
  • Give George Michael a call and ask if he’s sure he doesn’t want that hairstyle back.
  • Consult your friendly, neighborhood tax professional on whether it’s wise to deduct that knockoff Zapple laptop you bought last year.
  • Realize that you don’t really need that old school calculator when there’s totally a calculator app built into your computer.
  • Grab yourself another cup of tea – you look really stressed about all of this, buddy!
  • Is that computer even on or are you working yourself into a frenzy over some other traumatic happening in your life such as being out of your favorite haircare product or the cancellation of the ABC Family sitcom Melissa & Joey?
  • You know, maybe today just isn’t a good day for taxes. You’ve still got time. Give yourself a break today.
  • You’re a handsome guy. You’ve got a knockoff computer and a bowl of mostly fruit, but seriously, that lime green chair has got to go…
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