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8 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Want To Go As For Halloween

Sad Dog Being Eaten By a Frog

20161017_dogcostumes-frog_17236079© Jesse Kunerth / Adobe Stock

Sexy Bitch

20161017_dogcostumes-sexy_102271024© ondreicka / Adobe Stock

Scruffy, Old Dog Who Lost an Eye in a Tragic Boating Accident

20161017_dogcostumes-sailor_31185505© VitalyTitov / Adobe Stock

Dog Who Thinks He’s a Boy Dressed Up As a Dog

20161017_dogcostumes-boy_119545414© Aliaksei Lasevich / Adobe Stock


20161017_dogcostumes-hotdogs_71211266© nito / Adobe Stock

Clan Dog

20161017_dogcostumes-clan_122604093© Rita Kochmarjova / Adobe Stock

Dog Who Just Wishes It Was Christmas Instead

20161017_dogcostumes-xmas_122437115© nicole1991 / Adobe Stock

Ken Bone

20161017_dogcostumes-kenbone_13413659© Willee Cole / Adobe Stock
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