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Just Laugh Relates the Presidential Candidates to Lawn Furniture

© blacknote / Depositphotos

Bernie “Weathered, Old Park Bench” Sanders


Hillary “Generic Pink Deck Chair” Clinton

20160305_presidentialfurniture-clinton_6433495© WDGPhoto / Depositphotos

Ted “Slick, Out of Place Massage Chair” Cruz

20160305_presidentialfurniture-cruz_2753807© olinchuk / Depositphotos

John “Boring, Old Picnic Table” Kasich

20160305_presidentialfurniture-kasich_29528001© pyzata / Depositphotos

Marco “Overstated Backyard Hammock” Rubio

20160305_presidentialfurniture-rubio_81827972© [email protected] / Depositphotos

Donald “Ominous Bear Trap” Trump

20160305_presidentialfurniture-trump_8886614© Zelfit / Depositphotos
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