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New Names for All the Countries!

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Recently in an effort to sound more hip with the kiddies or with the in crowd or whatever, the Czech Republic announced that they would be changing the name of their country to … Czechia.

This new name, of course, is silly to say the least, however in the event that these wacky Czechs turn out to be onto something and the rest of the world opts to jump on the country-renaming bandwagon, we here at Just Laugh have taken the liberty of putting together a list of great names for pretty much any country on the planet that matters…

Boring, Old Country Name Hip, New Country Name
Afghanistan Afghana Montana
Australia Outback Steakhouse
The Bahamas The Yo ‘Mamas
Belgium Waffles ‘R Us
Canada Canana Banana
China Clifford the Big Red Communist
Christmas Island N/A – Name Is Already Perfect
Egypt Pyramids & Dreams
France Go Away, Stupid Foreigners
Germany We’re Not Mad, This Is Just How We Talk…
Greenland Iceland
Hungary Nom Nom Nom
Iceland Greenland
India Not Short for Indiana … or Is It???
Italy Footland
Kazakhstan Kazaam 2: The Return of Shaq
Jamaica Whatever That Flavor Is That Ben & Jerry Came Up With…
Japan Futurama
Madagascar Despite What Dreamworks Says, No, We Still Don’t Have Any Penguins Here…
Mexico Old Texas
The Netherlands Nevermind
New Zealand Hobbiton
Norway Yes, Way!
Paraguay Way Way, Way!
Russia We Can See Sarah Palin From Our Houses
Spain Polite France
Switzerland Swisscheeseland
United Kingdom The Queen’s Knickers
United States of America Awesome McBoisterous III
Vanuatu Survivor … Wait, Is That Show Even Still On?
Zimbabwe Zimbab, Yay!
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