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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence Doubles Down on Anti-Blueberry Pancake Rhetoric

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INDIANAPOLIS (Just Laugh) – In the height of the controversial Religious Freedom Restoration Act that was recently signed into law in the state of Indiana by Governor Mike Pence, it was revealed this morning during a routine breakfast at the International House of Pancakes that the devout Christian makes a point to sprinkle a little bit of discrimination into his everyday life just for good measure.

Upon entering the famed eatery, Pence pulled Manager Toni Fortune aside to reassure her that she absolutely did not have to serve anyone blueberry pancakes that morning if she didn’t want to.

Somewhat confused by the Governor’s proposal and citing that blueberry pancakes are one of the restaurant’s most popular menu options, the Governor simply smiled as he patted her on the shoulder and waxed poetically, “That’s the beauty of living in America, my dear – you don’t have to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.”

“But why would serving blueberry pancakes make me feel uncomfortable???” Fortune asked, more befuddled than ever.

“God bless America,” Pence spoke to no one in particular as he wandered off to his seat where he ordered a Chicken Fajita Omelet with a short stack of raspberry pancakes on the side, not a single homosexual blueberry in sight.

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