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Neighbor REALLY REALLY REALLY into Celebrating Nation’s Independence

Photo by Epic Fireworks / Flickr (Creative Commons 2.0)

Choctaw, OK (Just Laugh) – Looking on from the safety of their own houses as 29 year-old Ronald Littell carried the 15th and final box of fireworks into his garage that he had purchased that afternoon from a roadside fireworks stand just outside of Oklahoma City, residents of the Mt. Henney Heights community knew that one thing was certain without a doubt – that their neighbor was unabashedly proud of his nation’s independence from its British ancestors and that come Saturday evening after the sun had set, they would all be in for one hell of a display of patriotism.

“Ron has only been in the neighborhood for a couple of months now,” commented 59 year-old Annette Berkshire, “but he seems like a nice fellow. He’s a night owl, so we usually don’t really see him up and about during the day like this too much.”

“Maybe his family is going to come over for a nice cookout after the parade,” suggested neighbor Martin Saltzman, “and we’ll have the kids running around the yard throwing water balloons all day, and then when night falls we’ll all gather around and watch the sky light up as a nice finale to another 4th of July!”

When asked directly of his plans for the massive quantity of fireworks in connection with Independence Day, Littell replied, “Oh, is that next weekend? I just buy ’em up now because they’re really cheap – that way if I want to light them off the rest of the year in the middle of the night when my neighbors are trying to sleep, I’ve already got a decent supply of them stashed away.”

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