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New Names for All the Countries!

Recently in an effort to sound more hip with the kiddies or with the in crowd or whatever, the Czech Republic announced that they would be changing the name of their country to … Czechia. This new name, of course, is silly to say the [...]

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  • 20141210_babyfood_69276661

    Horrible Baby Food Flavors

    Features - December 10, 2014

    I just fed to my child the most disgusting baby food flavor imaginable. Kale … Broccoli … and Mango I can’t imagine a baby food flavor brainstorming session where that particular combination was thrown out to the room and didn’t get immediately shot down. Even if you’re the boss’s cousin, or you let your own toddler pick flavors by just pointing to things in the grocery store at random, it never should’ve happened. I fear for the worst if this is to be [...]



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