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Terrible Alternatives to Daylight Saving Time…

Except for maybe one lone farmer in Oklahoma, nobody likes Daylight Saving Time. It made you late for work today, or early – we can never remember which – and it’s just a general pain in the ass to figure out which clocks changed [...]

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  • Just Laugh’s Guide to Sexy Halloween

    Features - October 6, 2015

    Let’s be honest – it isn’t really Halloween if you’re not showing a little cleavage! And sure, you could be super-cliche and go as Sexy Nurse or Sexy Ninja or Sexy Middle School Teacher, but you’re way more creative about how you want to show off your hot bod to strangers to the tune of Thriller. Ideally when you walk into the party, you want everyone’s reaction to be, “Wow … I never knew that could be sexy, but … I guess???” [...]

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